Static Neutralizer SAKURA

Feel the clearest sound – Eliminates the harmful effects of static charge

SAKURA is a handheld static neutralizer. High voltage produces a balanced ion wind that eliminates static charge, which is harmful for listening and playing music. Our newly developed DIP – Direct Injection Platform – technology greatly reduces power consumption to a minimum level. The high power Static neutralizer ‘SAKURA’ is super effective to improve your sound, making it the most needed tool for music fans all over the world!

Use for:

1. Analogue and digital discs (Records, CD, DVD and Blu-ray).
2. Decks, amplifiers, headphones, speakers and power supply.
3. Interlinks, power cords and speaker cables.
4. Guitar, bass, piano, keyboard or other instruments and deejay equipment.
5. Additional objects from which you would like to eliminate static charge.

Model :
Static neutralizer ‘SAKURA’

Batteries :
Alkaline AA (Cell) Battery x 4

Battery Life :
Continuous use: 1.5 hours approx.

Caution :
recommended maximum continuous use 20 seconds

Intervals :
20 seconds on and then 1 minute off.

Method :
Balanced Ion Flow

Size :
W : 120 H : 220 L : 45mm
(Grip portion : W : 53・ H : 88 L : 45mm)

Weight :

Safe Usage Environment :
Temperature 5, – 40,
Humidity 20% – 90% (No condensation)

Prijs: €325,00 incl. BTW en verzendkosten